Top 10 in 2010…#2

Themed 365 Project

At the time I wasn’t too satisfied with this shot and after reviewing your comments there are a few aspects of the shot that I would change, mostly having to do with the results of tonemapping. Items that should be darker, such as the plants hanging off the roof, can be changed if processed again. I guess I’m nitpicking but I actually like this shot more now then when I processed it.


6 thoughts on “Top 10 in 2010…#2

  1. Never seen a more colorful entrance. does somebody actually live there? Must be some kind of artist. Looking forward for numer one and i like the idea of reshowing pots like this, never thought of looking back at mine that way so you gave me an idea, and more time spent in front of the computer…. 😉

  2. This is so beyond colorful. Very eclectic place, it appears and a cheerful feeling also.Funny how time passing helps a lot of photos…including photos of ourselves.

  3. I always liked this picture a lot. Its seems you have perfected it now and the sky always adds an emotional feel to it. Colors are nice and bright alongside the details.

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