Perceived Danger…MOT

Themed 365 Project

I had been to this part of Sandy Hook before so I didn’t need any reminders to the dangers of this part of landscape but…

…I kept exploring anyway. There is debris from leftover whatever everywhere. I’d call it an adults playground but please don’t tell the authorities! I got to this point and even with constant reminders of the detrimental consequences of such behavior I kept going. Hey, didn’t I just rant about idiots like me in a recent post?

I climbed to this point and began to realize the beauty of the day and the surrounding area….

..turned around and caught this scene looking back into the sun…glad I kept going….

Finally got my fill and left the scene out the back door. Thanks for following!

11 thoughts on “Perceived Danger…MOT

  1. Lovely shots. I think I like the last one best, and the one before that, too. The squared off blocks make a nice composition.

  2. I can see it now if you got caught “But officer, I was just taking a picture” lol

    I am glad you ventured off to explore, these are all wonderful…I love that scene as you turned to look back where you came from…a perfect composition!

  3. I’m not quite so brave; however, your “bad boy” behavior paid off with these amazing shots!! Thanks for the reminder about turning around because there are lots of shots missed by not doing that.

  4. You only go to prove that if we don’t take the walk and open our eyes in all directions — we don’t get the images we are seeking! Wonderful perspectives and views! Thanks I enjoyed the journey with you!

  5. Forbidden fruit is always more attractive!! I too like the last shot as it shows so much detail with the trees and brush trying to make their way into the area and cover up some of man’s messiness. As always, your shot is so crisp and wonderful!

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