Themed 365 Project

My second stop of the morning, in Sandy Hook, was at the Visitors Center and the lighting here was still quite good. I walked around to find the best spot and although I’m not crazy about the sledding tracks this is a pretty good perspective.

I messed around quite a bit with the white balance in this one and found that if I made the snow too white it ruined the rest of the shot. I think this is a good balance. Lots of dodging and burning in this one.

The power of shooting in Raw mode is evidenced here for without this format, the inability to adjust the white balance would have ruined the shot. If you have it in your camera….use it!

Shot Settings… Aperture Priority, f/11, 1/60 sec, Ev: -1, at 10mm, tripod.


15 thoughts on “Seaside…

  1. What a great start to the year. You did a great job in capturing the morning light. For me, your processing of this helps to create a very calming mood. Wonderfully done.

  2. This is a very pretty photo. You are right about the sledding tracks, it might have been slightly better without them, but really not a big deal.

  3. I sure appreciated being able to see your “old” photos especially when they include some of the exif–makes it a learning experience for me so I will know a starting point if I should encounter a good landscape photo prospect. Wonderful shot! I may have to conside some RAW in the future. I usually stick to jpeg as I’m always doing fast continuous shooting with kids/animals. Thanks for the inspiration!

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