Themed 365 Project

As you can see the lighting was pretty good yesterday morning during my trip to Sandy Hook. I think this location at Sandy Hook is called Horseshoe Cove and these rather large chunks of ice(snow) were scattered all over the place. Many of them could have been 4-5 feet thick. It reminded me of some of those nature shows on tv, maybe just on a smaller scale.

Processing was minimal due to the great side lighting. I darkened the darks and lightened the lights in the tone curve function in Lightroom, then I added a slight vignette. I finished with my Gallery Series matte but couldn’t apply a drop shadow(in white) with the black matte. I can do do this easily with a white matte. If anyone(Karen B?) knows the secret please let us know.


33 thoughts on “Scattered…

  1. Seems like the ice chunks are islands in the water, something akin to grains of sand on the beach. Ok getting all philosophical doesn’t help. Its a great picture, soon these islands will just be a memory, documented beautifully.

  2. Your landscape photos are so AMAZING! This scene which is really rather ordinary, has been turned into a masterpiece by your eye for lighting and perspective. Your #4 from yesterday…well I am still admiring it. So glad to catch up on your art from last year! Sooo inspiring!

  3. I’m amazed at the chunks of ice. I know they aren’t icebergs but they look like it. A really neat shot, Mike.

    I do know how to do a white drop shadow using PSE. I’ll be back in a minute with a link for you.

    1. Thanks for commenting Anna…love your Merry Christmas shot. I subscribed to your blog. It’s important to me to increase viewership so I’m just wondering how you came across my blog?

  4. The lighting really brings out the nice clear details and the wonderful shadows and reflections! Absolutely stunning!

    I am looking forward to Julie’s response on the white shadows…I have been trying to figure that out as well!

  5. I love this! I love how you have the large one in the foreground and others drifting off showing the depth of field. I too will be interested in hearing Julie or Karen B’s answer!

  6. Mike, I did come back yesterday and post the link to the white drop shadow layer style. It might be in your moderation queue or Akismet filter because it had a link. I want this comment to go through, so I won’t put the link in here but I’ll put it in a separate comment.

    1. Julie, Thank you so much for taking the time to find this for me. You know, I need to utilize the village more as a resource for this kind of stuff and this will help me tremendously( I don’t know why I can’t figure this out).
      Thanks again, you’re the best!

  7. Mike, that’s a new one on me. I never had tried the white drop shadow before, so I did – and found out that PSE doesn’t do it. I think it has to do with the default blend mode on the layer style – which we can’t change in Photoshop Elements. I miss the full Photoshop at times like this… I’m glad Julie found the thread on Elements Village for us!

    1. Thanks for getting back to me…I downloaded the action from the village post that Julie sent me and after a quick go at it I wasn’t really satisfied with it. I also found out that many actions can be created in the full version and then imported into elements…my brother has the full version, maybe i can hit him up for a few.
      I see that Moose Peterson uses it quite often and I liked the result. Guess I need to keep playing with it.

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