In The Distance…

Themed 365 Project

What a way to start the New Year!

Got up about 6:00am and drove to Sandy Hook(25 minutes) to catch the first sunrise of the year and wow what a morning. The temperature was 34 with little to no wind, the clouds cooperated and I even managed to get the waning crescent moon in the distance….. perfect morning for shooting!

I think this warranted Gallery status so I created the gallery post as follows: In Elements, I resized the canvas by 1.75 inches all the way around. Then I resized it again just for the bottom by adding another inch. I created a drop shadow at 127 degrees. Finally, I added the text by using the color picker to grab a color out of the sky for the Inkburrow letters. I like!!!!

On another note, I received my Xmas present from my wife yesterday, An iPad….this thing is amazing! One of the first apps I downloaded was The Photographer’s Ephemeris. A program that shows the direction of the sun and moon overlaid in Google Maps. It tells you the sunrise and sunset times according to your location as well as many other important geographical related notes. Google it and download for your desktop as well.

23 thoughts on “In The Distance…

  1. Day 1 and already a masterpiece! This is just amazing…I can’t believe all of the colors you have captured!

    You will love your ipad…I haven’t really used mine much for photography, but I am loving my books and magazines on it (and also a game or two)…I am always fighting the boys for it lol

  2. Really beautiful! The soft colors are so appealing. It was in the single digits when we awoke today, here in the high desert of New Mexico. Never got much above 20 degrees during the day. Sunshine, though. We always have sunshine 🙂

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