Top 10 in 2010…#6

Themed 365 Project

I have to admit I had, at the very best, mixed feelings about this shot. Granted I do like the colors(maybe satisfying Ron was more rewarding) but there’s something about the composition that doesn’t do it for me. The overwhelming response was positive and that’s  most important!


7 thoughts on “Top 10 in 2010…#6

  1. I love the colors in this one Mike – but I think if there were only the kayaks it might be cleaner. I don’t particularly like the shovel on the dock.

  2. It always surprises me the difference between what I love and what my followers love. I do like this one, like you, especially the colors and the lighting on the kayaks, but like Sheila said, I don’t love that big shovel in there. By the way, I’m glad you are sharing these because it allows me to see some of your very best from the past year when I hadn’t found your blog yet. Have a happy New Year and since you’re two hours ahead of me you will get 2011 before I do, you could leave a note about whether 2011 is better than 2010 ;^)

  3. Love the serenity of the scene, if you block out the shovel. ;-D It would be fun to take the shot of the kayaks, and shrink them down and print out bookmarks with them. All the best in 2011.

  4. Love the light in this and also how the colors of the sky/horizon are repeated again in the kayaks. I do like the equipment in the photo because it shows two sides of life at at the shore–those who work/make a living there, and those who play there. More a documentary shot, wonderful in its own way. Am looking forward to continued inspiration from your work(play)in 2011!

  5. Hi Mike,

    Just trying to make the rounds and getting to know people in Project 365 for 2011.

    Great blog! This photo here is wonderful and I really love the ones under the boardwalk too!

    Looking forward to seeing more in the coming New Year!


  6. I’m with everyone else–if only there were a way to crop/clone out the shovel, than all the focus would be on the water and the kayas and the warm colors.

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