On Your Marks….Get Set….

Themed 365 Project

….Go! Happy New Year everyone. It’s off to the 365 races again!



15 thoughts on “On Your Marks….Get Set….

  1. You are a brave soul to head off on another 365, but good luck to you and I will be following along and enjoying the fruits of your labors.

      1. You’re getting really good with it too. When I was out shooting today, I was thinking how much I’d love to have a wide angle. Wish my photographic fairy godmother would hear me! 😉

  2. I see two exit points in this photo… the long haul to the unknown, which follows the porch to the beach fencing and the ocean… or the the drop off early to the right. I just hope I can go the long haul with you. Beautiful photo in the way you used the wide angle lens and your creative interpretation.

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