Top 10 in 2010…#7

Themed 365 Project

I took this shot just over a year ago and almost didn’t remember it. All comments indicated that you liked the processing and the colors. I still enjoy those parts of the shot along with the texture but I do wish I had cropped differently. If I remember the original composition it did not lend itself to too many options for better cropping, my only choice would be to go back and position myself better at the scene. The weather is looking warmer on Saturday so maybe I’ll go back then.

Let me ask you a question, when you first come to my blog does it take some time to load? More than usual if you compare other sites? For some reason it does on my computer. I hope it doesn’t get worse because I don’t want to start a new blog for 2011, I prefer to keep this one. Please let me know!


5 thoughts on “Top 10 in 2010…#7

  1. Your blog always seems to load quite speedily for me. Not all do. And, of course, I love that you post such nice big shots so I hope whatever you do for 2011, it includes the large views….

  2. Great composition on the photo. I think it would make a wonderful overlay. Your blog always loads quickly for me and no slower than any other wordpress blog. I’ve had a prob with all of them today, and I think that’s wordpress.

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