Happiness Is…

Themed 365 Project

The obvious…. I don’t know, this made me laugh. It’s kind of like those warnings on certain products that state the obvious detrimental results of one’s doltish actions. I guess some people just don’t get it!

Again I processed this in Photomatix initially but then added that second step of applying the Color Pop preset in Topaz Adjust. It did just that and I like the result.


8 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. lol kinda like how they warn you coffee is HOT!

    I love how natural the HDR is and how the topaz really makes the colors “richer”. Great composition too…love how the dock leads your eyes through the scene!

  2. Rich colors and fine detail as well.

    My first office job was back in high school; I did light typing and filing for an insurance office. One responsibility was to file away bulletins about product liability suits. These bulletins were rife with stories of people doing stuff like using lawn mowers to clip the tops of hedges, then trying to sue because they whacked off a finger. Their basis for a suit? “The mower didn’t say I couldn’t use it for that.” Hello???

  3. The Boardwalk shots do depict happiness, but then I love the sea too, I do agree with the sign though bloody quad bikes can wreck a beach but good luck to the idiot that wanted to drive one on the board walk – Kersplash!

    I answered you query re: the water colours (Different sights and days)

  4. Great photo and I’m fascinated by what looks like a footprint right under the sign … where’s the other footprint? Did the person hop around on the beach? LOL!

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