Themed 365 Project

I don’t know how many pounds of snow I have shoveled in the past 48 hours but I had to take a breather and my oldest daughter said she’d help clear some snow away. Well, this lasted just a short period then a snowball fight broke out. It was fun to say the least.

Shot settings: Sigma 10-20mm, iso 100, aperture priority, f11, 1/250 at 10mm and +1.5 exp. comp.

17 thoughts on “Relaxation…

  1. One word – snowblower!

    Wow, you have a ton of snow, I never imagined – I’m so surprised! Lovely light-feeling image and in my younger days it could be so much fun with the kids. Great job with the processing of the white stuff too!

  2. I am in agreement with everyone else….SNOWBLOWER (does it not snow much where you are at?) We couldn’t live without ours (even with kids) LOL

    You captured the true essence of a blizzard the day after (it is kinda fun, isn’t it??)

  3. Have they repealled the Child Labour Laws that the U.S. of A. used to have, imagine forcing your Daughters to shovel all that, I know children a cheaper than Snow Blowers but Hey Mike! Get with the Program and join the 21st Century. LOLRITSHMS

  4. Oh, I feel for you! So far, you’ve got WAY more show than we’ve had in Ottawa and I think that’s pretty remarkable. I hope you and your daughter had some hot chocolate/toddies waiting for you when you finished your chore…..

  5. Yikes, that shoveling doesn’t look like fun. Glad we don’t have snow here. Though the snowball fight sounds like a blast! I love the centered subject and the overhead sun. Great shot!

  6. I love the wide angle and your daughter’s stance. To me it looks like she is about to attack. Happily I rarely see snow and find it unintuitive to overexpose so much, but this is a perfect lesson in shooting snow.
    Hope it goes away and that you and your family enjoy the rest of the holidays.

  7. Will your street ever be plowed? The driveway is one thing, the street is another! I am in the Northwest. Our street is navigable with ice skates. The main streets are cleared. It’s winter. I get used to it.

  8. Love the way the winter sun is low in the sky, but bright, casting that long shadow of your daughter. You capture the way the bright snow and sun make you squint from brightness, a thing that can only happen after the snow stops falling and the sun comes out. Nicely done.

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