Top 10 of 2010…

Themed 365 Project

To recap a great year here at How I See It, I decided to repost the top 10 photo’s of 2010. This is based on stats compiled by WordPress in relation to the number of comments generated for each individual post. I think this is a fair indication of the quality of each shot, plus a couldn’t figure out how to do it easily based on views. I will post each shot, starting at #10 and provide a brief comment for each.

Let’s start with #10

After reviewing the comments it seems that most of you liked the line of the fence since it led you to the horizon. I agree but I wish there was a secondary subject to grab your attention as well. Most of you  said that the sunrise itself was enough but I wish there was a more prominent tree or something just right of center. I believe it would have made this shot even better.  Thanks for your feedback on the original post.

And there you have it, coming in at #10, my post for the theme of seasonal.


7 thoughts on “Top 10 of 2010…

  1. If this is number 10, I can hardly wait to see number 1. Even without a focal tree, I like this shot. Its expansiveness is nicely accentuated by the layout of your blog.

  2. My eye goes right to that fabulous fence… I read somewhere that a closed fence stops the viewer’s eye right there but I love fences and imagine looking at the light and view beyond. I like the height of your shooting angle and don’t feel a boundary at all.

    I always liked this image as well.

  3. What a beauty. I like the simplicity, but I understand what you were looking for. A nice little group of cattle or a horse would be cool, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for something like that!! I guess we are never satisfied. LOL

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