Looking Up… From Under…

Themed 365 Project

The Belmar Fishing Club’s Pier extends a bit into the Atlantic so I thought I would get a few shots and share with you.

When processing the bracketed shots I was interested to see how Photomatix would bring out the grains of the wood and the details within the sand. Not bad!!

But after seeing how Topaz transformed the last image I decided to give it a go and the result is just okay for me……. what do you think? The Topaz result is below….

BTW, you know that you can use Topaz as a plug-in for Lightroom right? I access my Topaz plug-ins through Fusion Express mostly but in this case maybe I should have accessed Topaz by exporting to Elements and then been able to play with the opacity slider to further refine the shot.

9 thoughts on “Looking Up… From Under…

    1. Terri, have you been seeing my posts to your blog? After I hit the post button my reply disappears, is it awaiting moderation? Let me know!

  1. That just makes me want to bury my toes in the sand! I love the processed version…the details are incredible and I love the colors it brought out in the water!

  2. I like your deeper richer version better Mike but then it depends what you are wanting to accomplish with the image. Topaz lightened up the wood too much and added a little too much yellow for my taste, but then I can see much more of the wood detail as well. So both work…

    Loved being under the pier, great processing as usual!

  3. You know how I feel about Topaz! I just love the second one. Maybe it is too contrasty for some tastes, but I really like the pop and the somewhat HDR look that it gives to the photo. Perhaps that second processing converted to b/w might be nice too.
    Hope you had a fine Christmas and have a wonderful New Year also, Mike!

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