Themed 365 Project

I finally got out to take a few shots this morning but let me tell you it was freezing. I was only one of a few idiots outside at 7am with the temperature at 28 and the wind howling at 20-30 mph. But, with that said, I’m fairly happy with what I came away with and would like to show you what I did. This is obviously the Belmar Fishing Club’s Clubhouse and having been established in 1909, it fits the theme splendidly.

I haven’t processed too many over-the-top HDR shots recently and went out purposely to get a few. I’m happy with this (above) 3 shot HDR processed in Photomatix but I wanted to take it a step further and see what Topaz Adjust could do. It’s posted just below:

I utilized the Dramatic preset in Topaz Adjust and this produced just what it said it would…..in fact the results were too dramatic and I subsequently had to tone down the saturation and details adjustments and then used the embedded Topaz DeNoise reduction sliders to finish it off and WOW did it do the trick! (So, what do you think Ron?) Anyway, if you do not utilize any of the Topaz products I suggest that you download a trial and check it out for yourself.

I have to tell you it feels pretty good to produce a decent HDR image! I feel like it’s been quite a while….I feel quite a bit of motivation after my outing this morning! I even have a few more from the Belmar Fishing Club to post over the next few days. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I!


5 thoughts on “Old…

  1. When I saw the Theme Title I expected a self portrait, but hey, Delmar Fishing Club Does me. I’d like to see the oversaturated ones but the processed second one is definitely my favourite of the two! Our Temperatures today will range between 22 and 25 degrees with rain, but then that is Celcius which you might prefer.

  2. Wow! The top is good but the one adjusted in Topaz is phenomenally good. I appreciate that you showed us both for the full affect. I recently bought the Topaz bundle and am still having fun discovering what it can do. HDR software package is next on my list… maybe in the spring time.

    Sorry to hear that it was so cold out this morning… but glad you still were motivated enough to get out there.

  3. Topaz is a huge favorite of mine…I think I should own stock since I think I own all of their filters lol

    I love what topaz did to that bottom image…the colors and details are outstanding! I have missed your HDR’s lately too!

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