Themed 365 Project

I thought this one was worthy of a Gallery Series presentation. It’s quite similar to this post but I actually like this one better with the gentle wave approaching the shoreline and the shimmering water on the sand.. This is from Sandy Hook, NJ and I’d love to back but it’s been just too cold to go any where near the beach. Is anyone else finding it difficult to get out and shoot? I guess I better just man up and get out and shoot.


10 thoughts on “Golden…

  1. Another soulful beauty, Mike! I love the darkness and the gentle glow.
    Like Jens said, it’s been really raining here. (We live within 20 miles of each other). I have just taken a few indoor shots, lately.

  2. A framer for sure, Mike! Wow, it takes my breath away!

    Yea, I haven’t been shooting much either…too much to do for the holidays!

  3. I’d agree, I prefer this latest image, it’s fuller and richer , that wave helps with that yes. I like the sun’s continuation onto the beach as well.

    But… both are gorgeous images. It’s only that I am comparing but they stand as awesome scenes on their own. I admire you for getting up and taking your photos when the light’s right – it’s what makes your photography stand out from the rest!

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