Something Completely Different 2…

Themed 365 Project

I can see it’s going to be tough to beat that first artsy post. I went back into the archives for this shot and I’m thinking that this doesn’t quite have that knockout punch as the last one did.I don’t know, what do you think?

From a processing standpoint I did about the same tweaks as the last one except on this I added an adjustment photo filter layer to even out the color cast of the original. I do like the complimentary colors of this piece, something slightly different.


14 thoughts on “Something Completely Different 2…

  1. Both art pieces are stunning, but I think I like this one better than the first one – because there is more contrast between light and dark. The dark background really makes the colorful flowers stand out.

  2. This one is very nice too but I like the first one better. I’m usually drawn to darker colors & images but, for some reason, the darkness seems to be taking away from the delicacy of the stems & flowers. Just my opinion of course.

  3. I like this one better. The first was just a bit too neon for me. I like the way the leaves look sort of like a stamped woodcut, and the cool lined edges at bottom left.

  4. As nice as this is, I am going against everyone…I liked the first one better, I loved the vivid colors and it was just more unique in my opinion.

    With that being said, this one is nice as well. I like the contrast, it makes those blooms pop off of the page. I am loving your artistic side, keep ’em coming!

  5. Mike, this is just lovely. Your learning curve is barely a bump in the road! 🙂 I think your two pieces invoke completely different moods. The first is playful and vibrant while the second is more reserved and formal. I love them both for those reasons. The first one I see in a large format where you are trying to elevate mood and outlook. The second would go nicely in a living space that is more traditional. What impresses me even more is that you chose such perfect effects and colors for each base photograph. You have terrific instincts!

    1. Thank you Doris, these are the critiques that are quite helpful. I know everyone doesn’t have the time to be so thorough so I greatly appreciate your insight. I really like your artistry. Thanks again!

  6. I really like them both, but I am leaning more towards this one. I think the mix of light and dark gives it more depth and warmth. I would totally hang either one on my wall right now!

  7. Both images feel soooo good! I love the complimentary colour of your background mattes and the modern look to these artistic pieces.

    They are gorgeous…

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