Happiness Is…

Themed 365 Project

….hiking The Narrows with family. I told you earlier that I had to thank my brother for taking the hike with me, for without him I probably would not have went and explored this fantastic place.

About half way back we decided to stop and chill for a minute so I turned the camera towards us to have a record of this great day. Thanks Chris…. hope we can go back sometime soon.


13 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

    1. Hey Mike, thanks and good to hear from you! I understand your photography skills are pretty good yourself. Keep in touch.

  1. Well Mike, the walk was my pleasure as much as yours. Hiking with you, carrying the equipment (maybe the real reason you brought me!) and spending that time was great-beautiful scenery! Glad we decided to go last minute!

  2. A fine brotherly portrait! I love the exposure on this one. It’s tough to capture all that rock and wood and get the detail as well as perfect skin tones. Well done!

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