More Primitive…

Themed 365 Project

Decided to continue with my primitive series from Zion and in this shot my brother and I have turned back and headed home. Another 3-4 miles to go, although I never dreaded any moment of it.

Again I marveled at the sheer scale of the formations that make up The Narrows. Here, with the inclusion of some fellow hikers, you can get a real sense of the massiveness(?) of the rock formations in Zion.

BTW, we couldn’t of asked for better conditions for our hike up the Virgin River. The air temperature was probably 68, the water temperature the same. The cliffs are so high that the sun never fully heats up your surroundings for very long so temperatures never varied at any point during our hike. Although, now that I look back, we never checked the weather, nor even figured in that it could be raining miles and miles away causing flash floods in the river where we were hiking. With absolutely no where to climb the results would be disastrous…………. Sometimes ignorance is bliss…..although quite dangerous!

Processed in photomatix from 5 exposures and finished in Lightroom with much dodging and burning to sustain as much of the original feel as possible.

8 thoughts on “More Primitive…

  1. Perfect processing again, good to see you out hiking with the vertically challenged people. You’ll never grow to be an old photographer if you don’t check the weather before venturing into Narrow waterways. although when they recover your camera it will be a wonderful shot of the ‘Wall of Water” as it bore down on you. Should be award winning!

  2. I can se profiles of faces on the left. Great and majestic, good that there are some people there to make us realize how huge they are! Shapes and the red color reminds me of the Dolomite mountains in Italy where I was on a walkinng tour some years ago

  3. I am so glad you had no floods….so that you didn’t miss out on this fantastic shot…love how insignificant those hikers look among those giant beautiful rocks! Stunning!

  4. Wow, what beautiful scenery – I can’t imagine being there hiking.

    With the variety of subjects I’ve enjoyed on your site tonight Mike, one thing strikes me and that is your wonderfully consistent exposure throughout. It’s always inspiring to visit here… thank you!

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