Themed 365 Project

I wanted to do something creative with this sequence so I Googled  “How to create a triptych in Lightroom” and got quite a few informative sites,  here’s the one I used for this triptych. The first problem I encountered had to do with arranging the photo’s in the correct order. I couldn’t figure out how to do it so I used this resource…..the web what would we do without it? The next bump in the road involved changing the existing template from vertical to landscape, the solution can be found here as well. Once I got through all those steps I saved the file as a jpeg, opened it up in Elements and added the title, the white background layer and the drop shadow. All in all it only took me 15 minutes to create and I’m pretty happy with the results.

You can see a larger version here!


8 thoughts on “Wrapped…

  1. I really like the triptych treatment for this series of photos – it really captures the action and tells a story. Thanks for the links, too. I just bought Lightroom and am learning how to use it.

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