Themed 365 Project

I don’t think I did this shot justice in showing exactly how large these guys are, I’m 6’4″ and I was as tall as if not slightly shorter than these bulls. Not only that but they must weigh over a 1000 pounds each. Tammy you might have to find them a new house because I think they’ve outgrown their current dwellings.

Anyone have any ideas how I can convey their “largeness” any better than this? Maybe I need to stand right next to one for a sense of scale……not!


9 thoughts on “Large…

  1. Hey Mike, I’ll give you a dollar to pose up close and personal with these guys lol!!!

    I think you shown their size beautifully, the first thing I noticed was how they couldn’t stand up straight in their home…talk about outgrowing a house…

  2. Wow! Those are some scary bulls! I think we can safely imagine their size (how high is a standard barn door…6 feet? 7 feet?…without you risking life, limb, and Tammy’s dollar to try again.

  3. Leave them be Bully!, the house is kept low roofed for heating during winter and my goodness they have to provide their own methane. I was always amazed in South East Asia that eight year old children could walk up to a 2,000 pound Water Buffalo, shove their fingers into its Nostrils then lead it off to work a field. – Why don’t you try that and have a friend their operating your camera, their camera and a video camera, cause all of us would hate to miss the action. Oh yeah have a vet on hand in case the poor fellows get injured with your rough handling! I can’t wait!

  4. What handsome bulls! To me, I can tell how big they are by the comparison to the barn. Maybe if someone was standing near them? I’ll bet they are closer to 1500 lbs. or more. You took a nice angle to get them at shoulder level. If you got a little lower, they would appear taller. A telephoto would make them bulkier. (Just something I picked up taking horse photos!) I love the clarity and the colors in this one.

  5. Mike this is a priceless shot and perfect as it is. I absolutely love the cow’s head peeking out on the right. Together these cows are “something else” and obviously large!

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