Themed 365 Project

Reminiscent of an old kings crown, the roof of the Casino Carousel House in Asbury Park is a landmark in this part of Jersey. It was designed and built in 1923(approx.) by Whitney Warren, whom also contributed to the design of Grand Central Station in NYC. It originally housed a beautiful carousel from the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. This building, as part of a revitalization project in Asbury is now a theater hosting such plays as Hair, and the Who’s, Tommy.

I decided to give this shot a Lightroom preset called Color Creative- Aged look. Then, at the last minute,  I added a white out vignette.


8 thoughts on “Old…

  1. Boy is that Old – the edges have all faded and the colour has drained right out of it. Ah well in winter I suppose everything looks like that. OLD, LOL

  2. LOVE the vignette! It’s such a simple technique to really focus attention. I also like how you’ve set this off-center. Very compelling image.

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