Themed 365 Project

So much can be sensed just looking at the eyes. What do you see? Innocence, sadness, a sense of isolation?

I was immediately drawn into this shot by the sharpness and expression of the eye but then I began to think that the side lighting was the real kicker. I guess it is a combination of all these. It also seemed to be fitting of a B+W conversion, I guess solely from the expression in the eye.

I don’t have a great ability to write about this kind of stuff, but I think you get the point. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post the color version and you’ll see what I mean. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Innocence…sadness…

  1. First time for everything – This is so beautiful, I don’t care if I see the colour shot. To me the eyes say I wanna be in a field running to the horizon to catch the sun. – Barns are boring!

  2. I think you captured pure emotion…the black and white only brings the attention to that eye. Wonderful perspective on this guy!

  3. It does portray a mood, but I think this little guy looks lost in thought. He looks like he’s staring off into the middle distance, without really seeing what’s there. I wonder if he’s waiting for someone to come along and take him for a ride.

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