Looking Up…

Themed 365 Project

This is my nephew Nick, just prior to this shot I asked him if he would ever want to ride a horse and he emphatically said “no”! I then asked him if he even likes horses… he assuredly replied “no”.  So much to my surprise when the trainer brought this horse to the pen Nick walked right over to take a look. A second after I took this shot, the horse let out one of the loudest “Neeeeigggghhhh’s” I’ve ever heard. Well, needless to say, Nick ’bout jumped out of his skin and for the rest of the visit wanted nothing to do with anything that resembled a horse. Classic stuff if you ask me.


14 thoughts on “Looking Up…

  1. You would never have guessed these two didn’t know each other…from the way they are looking at each other it looks like they have formed a loyal friendship! Love this image!

  2. Funny story – girls are typically so horse crazy it’s hard for me to image anyone – even a boy – not wanting to hop on for a ride!

    Great expressions on both!

  3. Classic “boy meets horse”. He looks perfectly at ease in the photo. Having raised horses, it seems strange for someone to not like them. However, common sense says to be wary of anything that out weighs you 10 to 1 !!!!

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