Themed 365 Project

My youngest has a certain level of comfort in front of the camera and whenever my camera is in hand she doesn’t mind me snapping a few. Here she is modeling one of her cousins hats on Thanksgiving day. I had a difficult time getting many keepers due to the low light conditions at my sisters house. So today, when we go back, I might how to break out the old nifty fifty for the faster 1.8. Now it’s not the best in low light either but maybe I can get a few more shots without the motion blur. If I get any good shots I’ll be glad to share.


9 thoughts on “Comfort…

  1. I thought what a beautiful smile, must take after her Mum, then I looked closer, I think she is laughing at Dad and his silly old Camera, but Hey she Loves you and what the heck!! You reciprocation of that shows in this shot!

  2. Beautiful girl and very comfortable looking in front of the camera. Nothing wrong with with the shot, beautiful sparkling eyes and she’s well separated from the background with the light on her face.

    Did you use flash with this Mike?

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