Themed 365 Project

Just a little play on words…… I took this right after my previous post, saw the words and thought Bam! I’ve got me a theme shot!

The yard behind the train depot at Allaire State Park was more like a grave yard for old and rotted rail cars and miscellaneous train parts. Items of various shapes and sizes were strewn all over the place. I’m guessing some frustrated worker decided to clean up the place and labeled these barrels for organization. By the looks of the yard, he didn’t get very far. Didn’t do much for cleanliness but sure makes for decent photographic opportunities.

A 6 shot HDR, prepped in Lightroom, tonemapped in Photomatix and finished in Adjust.

Don’t know what happened but uploading sucked the life out of the shot.


11 thoughts on “Words…

  1. This picture has a thousand and two, if you count steel twice.

    BTW The macros of mine you queried were all hand held with my Sigma 70-300mm lens set to pseudo Macro mode (Flicked switch)

  2. Both this image and Numbers are just super for texture and interest – great subjects for the processing.

    What popped out for me is the yellow colour of the words on the barrels balanced by the yellow metal item on the right. Love that brick!

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