Themed 365 Project

So many things we encounter every day have some kind of number attached to it. I suppose that behind each number there’s some sort of history. So this #4 might be able to tell us the history of this rail car, where and when  it was made, in what year, who operated it, and maybe even when it was decommissioned. Might be somewhat interesting and even lead to some kind of photographic journey.

This was taken with my new Sigma 10-20mm lens and tonemapped from 6 bracketed shots, processed in Lightroom and then finally in Topaz Adjust. I really like Adjust for bringing out details in shots like this.


8 thoughts on “Numbers…

  1. Love the colour and texture, that your processing has drawn out of this image Mike, but earlier you mentioned an edge aboration that I could not see, yet I see it in this image. Is that brought on by your new lens or my overindulgence in Wild Turkey? It makes the image slightly off putting, at least to this old dinosaur!

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