Themed 365 Project

Nothing implies warmth in photography more than reds and oranges. I managed to barely pull off this shot at this time of day with my Canon 50mm 1.8 set at 400 iso. I have to say this might be the best prime lens for the price in the industry. I think I paid $70 for this versatile glass and although it searches for a little while in low light it really produces a very usable result.

On another note, I would much rather have these warm nights ahead instead of the cold weather that’s on it’s way. I find that my enthusiasm for shooting diminishes quite a bit in the winter months in the northeast. There’s not much to shoot in the winter and although I’m close to the Atlantic Ocean who wants to shoot sunrises when it’s 25 degrees and windy? So, what do you look forward to shooting in the winter months, any ideas to spike my enthusiasm?


12 thoughts on “Warmth…

  1. Love the image Mike!!

    You could shoot some ice fishing images from inside the shack of course, next to the heater and sipping one of those cactus coffee concoctions from Ron`s private collection.

  2. This is so dynamic…love the silhouettes against those spectacular colors…it is even warming me up a bit(we got our first 6″ of snow last night).

    As for winter shots, I look forward to the frost on tress and icicles.

  3. That is a beautiful shot. Thanks for mentioning what you took it with. I’m not sure I would have chosen my 50mm for it. But I guess that’s part of the blog-learning new things and ideas. :). I detest the winter more every year but I hate to be inside. So, new fallen snow, especially where there are pine trees, perhaps a warm fireplace with family and friends. Kids skating or snowboarding. I look especially forward to the return of the eagles to Port Jervis. Though, if you are in south Jersey, Conowingo Dam might be just as easy for you. (sorry for being so long winded).

  4. What a great photo for the theme! I would never have thought of using color for the theme but you are right about these colors… and your lens choice really worked.

    My solution to the winter was to leave New England. But when I did live there, I used the worst of the winter to experiment with new software. You are a great outdoor photographer, but maybe you can switch to working with light box subjects during the winter months. Were you the one that was experimenting with light placement on the doll? Or maybe concentrate on taking more macro shots of things you run across inside the house or office — and certainly the holidays do offer great chances for food photos and different lights.

    So easy for me to make suggestions for you…. yet, here I sit, stalled!

  5. How about museum’s and indoor shows (like fishing, homeshow’s). I know that they are not as fun as outdoor stuff but it helps to pass the winter. You’ve done some beautiful stuff inside building out in Vegas why not closer to home!

  6. Nice shot! I’ve read some criticism of that lens’s build quality. Obviously you think it’s a great value, what’s your opinion of how well it’s made? Optical performance? I’ve been interested in a fast, affordable lens, myself. — JG

    1. Hi and thanks for commenting on my blog. The build quality on the nifty fifty is certainly not the same as any L lens, but here’s the thing….I don’t beat up my lenses and as long as you are fairly careful the lens will not fall apart. It is plastic but I find the optical quality to be an A-. Some people complain about the quality of the bokeh but I love it. It’s as sharp as you need it to be and for under $100 it’s a no-brainier as far as I’m concerned. Try it and if you don’t like it return it or sell it on any Canon forum….plenty of buyers out there.

  7. Warm indeed, both in the color and in the implied warm memories of fishing at twilight and beyond. I am loving the Nikon equivalent.

    Short of more vacations, you have made some beautiful portraits. On this other coast it is rare to be so cold it hurts but 50% gray gets old…

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