Themed 365 Project

With Hurricane Tomas lurking in the Atlantic I decided to and see what the effects would be at the beach.  The waves were a good 8-12 feet, some of the largest I’ve seen here. Another photographer/surfer told me that the waves were even better on Friday, maybe even some 15 footers, which is certainly not common here. Anyway, I know this doesn’t necessarily show these waves but it does give a pretty good view of the effects of mighty Tomas.

A better look can be seen here.

On a processing note, I have to say that the latest version of Photomatix does an outstanding job of handling ghosting, evidence by the incoming wave on the left of the picture. You can get a trial of it here.

3 shot HDR at -2, 0, +2 with the Sigma 10-20 at 20mm




13 thoughts on “Ominous…

    1. Thanks for the comments…..Yes, because the lapse of time for any more would make the ghosting even harder to remove. Lately I’ve been experimenting with 6 exposures for static scenes and I really like the results….not feasible with moving objects.

  1. I love the perspective you’ve used … Especially that wide stretch of beach, those small people and the houses that I can imagine being at risk if those waves come in closer at high tide.

    Awesome shot.

  2. I love everything about this one. The sky is spectacular, the buildings are sharp and the people on the beach add perspective and interest. I had no idea you could get such a great HDR with an ocean scene. How far apart in time was each exposure? Just a wonderful composition!!

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