Themed 365 Project

Back into the archives for this theme….. I remember my brother telling me about the brown roads of Zion and found only one shot in my catalog that shows the wonderful color. It’s ironic because I was recently reading a forum in which one of the threads was to post your best road shots, boy there were some awesome shots in there and I only wish I would have taken one in Zion…..maybe next time.

I believe that’s the Human History Museum building at the foot of those massive rock formations, of which I can’t figure out which they are….sorry. Anyway, you do get a glimpse of how well the road blends with it’s environment. Who knew brown was such a great color(maybe UPS knows a thing or two about that?!).


6 thoughts on “Brown…

  1. I love the way that pleasing brown leads us into the rocks…You have me convined, I have to go to Zion! (and I think you need to go back to get more of those roads)!

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