Themed 365 Project

When my kids were younger we’d take a 3 minute walk to this gazebo in my neighborhood to do some fishing. We were never able to catch the gigantic bass that made this pond home but we had fun trying. Anyway, I hadn’t been down here in a while but I wanted to take a few shots with my new Sigma 10-20mm lens. It just so happened that I could use this for the wood theme.

This doesn’t give the full ultra wide perspective as I cropped from the left side but it does show the sharpness that can be had even from multiple exposures. When I have more time to work with lens I will give you a unprofessional critique of this lens. In the mean time I will present any decent shots I get from the Siggy.

12 thoughts on “Wood…

  1. Love the perspective and those awesome colors…this is really a beautiful spot! Lucky you, within walking distance!

  2. This is one othe most interesting of your recent images, Any review you wrote would be considered professional by any reader, but back to this photo, Your normal shots are splendour incarnate but this is different, it is intimate, it draws the viewer inmakes us want to get in there and investigate the nooks and crannies. Great Pictorial Story (Well Told too)

  3. Your lens performed very well! 🙂 I’m guessing you cropped it for composition, but I’d love to see the full photo. I like the wood texture and the calmness and reflections in the water. And also the way the water and the wooden walkway kind of lead into the clouds, which, in turn give the sense of even further to go.

  4. This is such a beautiful atmospheric shot. I’ve shared it with my friends on my Facebook page so hopefully you get some more people enjoying your work.

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