Themed 365 Project

One of the advantages of bracketing your shots is that you get to see what the scene looks like at various exposures.  This bracket resulted in such a good exposure that the only processing I did to it was the removal of 2 spots, cropping the sky slightly and a preset for landscape sharpening. There is no color correcting, color enhancing, or tone curve corrections. Below you will find concrete evidence of the history for this shot……

So maybe taking the approach of utilizing multiple exposures of any given scene may help your creativity and further your understanding of the importance of using different exposures to enhance your photos. What I also like about it is that it can decrease the amount of time spent in post and allow more time for my honey-do list:)


8 thoughts on “SOOC….

    1. Ron, you asked me for a single shot with minimal processing….this is it!
      In regards to your trip to Noosa, if your going to tour around Fraser Island or see the Noosa River and Everglades your probably going to want to take your wide-angle lens the 50mm won’t be versatile enough. I would also bring a tele as well for those distant shots you may come across.

      1. Thanks Mate I intend taking all three lenses. The query was just trying to rationalize, your reasons for using HDR not one iota of criticism. I had assumed that the empty dam was the one shot and this was just a fillip. I like the shot just wanted to know if you would usually choose it for HDR is all. Sorry!

  1. Just beautiful, I love the color and peacefulness the image conveys!

    I am sure your wife will be happy w/ more done on her honey do list…I think you need to talk to my husband LOL

  2. Lovely feel to this. Build up points!
    I like your point about another reason to bracket, often I just use one exposure. My camera has limitations, only + or – one stop and it won’t bracket in raw

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