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Standing in 5-6 feet of water is what I should be doing but due to the drought we’ve had in NJ this year I’m able to stand here and take this shot. Water levels at the Manasquan Reservoir, as you can see, are extremely low. I’m not quite sure why the authorities never declared a water emergency but I guess I shouldn’t complain because I was able to get this shot as a result. I do hope we do get some precipitation this winter (hopefully not of the frozen type) to give some relief to this drought.

This was the 3rd day this week I went to this spot to get just the right picture to show the beauty of this place. I was struggling to get an interesting enough foreground to compliment the awesome foliage of the trees. I think this works…… Ron might be pleased anyway and that’s worth the effort:)

I decided to post my adjustments in Lightroom for you to see, don’t know if it will help but let me know.

The history on the left are the adjustments I made to the image prior to sending it to Topaz Adjust for some detail enhancements. The right history panel represents adjustments made after Topaz plug-in use.


20 thoughts on “Orange…

  1. Mike – I’m assuming this is a group of bracketed shots, if so, how many?
    I just went out and downloaded the trial for photomatics and I’m being a little cautious about trying but will get there soon, I hope.

  2. Ron Relishes Colour it is true, and I think the shot is outstanding. In defence of my own sanity though, can you go out and take a one frame shot, do minimal processing on it then post the results (You pick the subject)
    Because I can’t get my head around Photomatix, (I’m Too heavy Handed)I can’t afford lightroom (But imagine the previous restriction would apply there too) and I just use PSE to process. And much as I have tried to learn from you, the failure to emulate you has dented my self confidence somewhat, and the images I am capturing don’t seem all that attractive by comparison.

    1. Ron, this is just one shot! And for me this is fairly minimal processing…only what you see above. Many of your shots have improved Ron and what you have to know about Photomatix is that you should start with the default settings and see what it gives you…you can do it! Bracket 3 shots, process it in photomatix and show me what you get….I’ll help you!

      1. Mike I am heading up to Noosa (Queensland) near the end of next month. So I will take the tripod and seek out a suitable landscape for this little project. Do you recommend that I use the manual (NO AUTO) 50mm f1.8 lens or should I use my 18-70mm f3.5 f4.5 Nikkor lens for the shot?

        This shot of yours fooled me as it looks like a Drysdale painting. (An Aussie Artist)

  3. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Love the color and textures. Like Ron, I would like to see an untouched version of the shot to get a feel for what you’re doing with it in processing. But, whatever the process, I love the result.

  4. The colors here are beautiful. I love that light. However, I feel like the image would be a little stronger with some kind of foreground element. Maybe one of those gorgeous pieces of bent wood?

  5. The lighting and the colors are just spectacular…a new favorite of mine! Thanks for sharing your lightroom secrets!

  6. Really beautiful, Mike. I think the minimalism of the foreground works well. To me, anything more prominent would distract from the other important elements in the image, the stand of orange trees in the left background and the two bare (dead) trees in the mid-foreground.

    Gotta say, this is another example of how good you are at both the craft of photography and at applying the right processing after the fact.

  7. The three tall/long trees (one each on either side and one on the ground in the right foreground) really caught my eye. I love the starkness and balance of these in relation to the rest of the composition and the colour.

    Really like this one…

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