Themed 365 Project

I was just reading Brian Matiash’s blog and in this particular post he was talking about using a distinctively different perspective to separate your photo’s from others. I heeded that piece of advise with this shot and I like the result. This shot is certainly representative of the current season!

Shot settings: F14, 1/20 sec, iso 200 at 17mm


11 thoughts on “Seasonal…

  1. I love the inclusion of the dark, dead (or already leafless) tree) to really set off those gorgeous leaves and sky. Nice change of a typical fall scene.

  2. The shot is creditable for what you are trying to achievehere! BUT, for my money you are wrong headed in trying to stand out from others, AS YOU ALWAYS DO – ALWAYS, I brag of having YOU as a cyber friend and I have yet to find one person not impressed by what you do, I even had a friend say that your basketball hoop was the best he had seen, although was glad you removed it LOL.

    Do your Changes don’t be led, your too good to be led (BY Anybody including me).
    Ron ((a mate from downunder.))

  3. My thoughts were the same as Val’s; the leafless tree (as well as the negative space) makes the shot. Well done, Mike…

  4. I totally agree with Ron about your work in general but “hear” you about changing up the Fall images. I had the same thoughts but my results were not as effective – great image!

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