Themed 365 Project

My original plan was to go shoot some fall foliage after work but the sky was overcast and very grey, so I bagged it. Well, about 6pm I look outside and sure enough this is what I see, an unusual color cast created by late day sunshine and a break in the clouds. I ran to get my camera and tripod to snap a few. This is exactly the way I saw it, 6 brackets later.

Not a bad end to the day either!



14 thoughts on “Extra…Ordinary

  1. Looks like we’ve both had some great sky opportunities – this is a great shot. I love that it doesn’t look real, like you’re looking into another world!

  2. That is really awesome, Mike! That light is superb. I have to laugh at the basketball hoop. We have a neighborhood near our house where every single home has a basketball hoop at the end of their driveway. Don’t those kids ever play TOGETHER? We call it the Valley of the Basketball Hoops and we check frequently to see if another hoop has sprouted.

  3. This is almost surreal..love how the lighting effects those moving clouds! I can see why you ran for your camera!

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