Themed 365 Project

Just one of many spots to stop and take in the sites at Allaire State Park. Just after I sat down for a minute to do some chimping I turned around and saw my next shot which will be featured tomorrow.

Someone in a previous post asked that I post before and after shots of my pictures and I would love to except that it just adds to the workflow time and unfortunately it’s time that I’m struggling to find at the moment. I do love these sites that feature a mouse-over before and after and would be interested in featuring that, but, after a brief search I couldn’t find enough info to see if it’s a viable option on a free wordpress blog. If anyone out there has any info on this piece of code I would love to look at it.

This is a 6 shot HDR processed in Photomatix and finished in Lightroom


5 thoughts on “Tranquility…

  1. I like the way the lighting hits the bench…it just feels warm and cozy as I stare off into the distance!

    I don’t think this feels flat at all…I love the depth, I think this is not as processed as others you have done, but I like the natural look of this image!

  2. Well I always seem to be the odd man out so maybe you should worry! LOL It looks fine to me Mike, I find real depth in the shor, it just isn’t your normal composition, this is somewhat of a peek through whereas you normally have “In Your Face” Subjects. Variety, the spice of life. I love the depth adding to the feeling of the Theme Title too!

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