Themed 365 Project

The Howell Works Company was owned by James Allaire and at it’s height of operation employed 400-600 people. As a result, the thriving business became a major transportation hub and needed a stagecoach company to transport goods to another center approximately 20 miles away. This building, built primarily with bricks, is a renovation of a previous wooden structure housing the business.

This shot has been a challenge in post due to it’s distortion from the ultra wide Sigma lens. I’m not that familiar with all this distortion stuff so this isn’t my best shot from a technical standpoint. Somethings up with the building and I’m having trouble fixing it. What do you see? Anything? If so please reply and I’ll try to improve the shot within the next few days.

5 Shot HDR processed in Photomatix and then Lightroom


5 thoughts on “Prosperity…

  1. I ran into this issue with my regular (18-270mm) lens in London when zoomed out to 18mm. All the buildings leaned in. Trying to “fix” them in PS made them look worse. I’m sure it can be done, but I think it’s a skill that needs some practice.

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