Themed 365 Project

Allaire State Park is a place where you can get a pretty vivid look at times gone by…. Many of the shops that operated back in the early 1800’s are open on the weekends with workers honing their craft. There’s a blacksmith, a tinsmith, a bakery and this wheelwright shop amongst others. The unfortunate part of this is that taking pictures inside any buildings is not allowed because the park is run by the state. How much sense does this make? Someone please help me! What would the downside be to this? It’s a shame because great shots could be had with the tinsmiths and blacksmiths actually working !

Oh well, on another note….this lens (Sigma 10-20) in the early going, has not disappointed. This shot, at f/11 has got to be the sweet spot for this lens…at least at this point. This , in my eyes, is tack sharp. What do you see? Agree, disagree? Let me know. Stay tuned as a review of this lens is forthcoming.

This is a 6 shot HDR, tonemapped in Photomatix and then finished in Lightroom by adjusting the dark tones, white balance and saturation level.


8 thoughts on “Tools…

  1. With regard to the photo, “Ya done it again kid” wonderful results in such difficult light is a real tribute to the new lens, and your processing to die for. With regard to the local Aithorities, I should think that you would be the perfect “Don Quixote” to tilt at that windmill. This can’t be part of security concerns as this is not high tech. Your reputation and renown should give weight to a well worded appeal to sensibility. In addition that would be perfect advertising for the park facilities, and I am sure if you go back and talk to the artisans first you will find that they are only too keen to show there craft to a wider audience, wia your excellent photographic skills, So my advice is jump on Rosinante and CCHHAARRGGEE! Signed Sancho Panza

  2. Great shot Mike and yes, absolutely Tack Sharp. I have run into this same thing on many occasions. I’m actually dealing with one right now — I am doing two shows later in November and I wanted to take pictures of the buildings in the town where the event is taking place and they won’t let me sell them. I thought it would be a great way to promote the town but to no avail. I’m still waiting on the answer from one town. I’m guessing one said no so the other will probably do the same.
    Great work Mike.

  3. Wonderful textures. Tough dappled lighting yet you’ve nailed this.

    I, too, have been frustrated by the ‘no photos’ rules in certain buildings. I wonder if they fear a) you’ll profit from selling images, or b) if you photograph and share the images, people will skip a visit and lose revenue. Either idea should short-sighted. Good photos would promote interest, not squash it, in my humble opinion.

    I don’t get it….

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