Full, Hanging, Tranquility….take your pick!

Themed 365 Project


If you’ve been following my blog you may remember a similar shot of this tree from last years blog. I decided to post this again from my visit over the weekend. I, in fact, have several versions of this to satisfy all my faithful viewers (if you know what I mean). Let me know what you think as each has it’s strengths and weaknesses.

This shot has a very simple processing workflow:

1. Spot removal from a dirty sensor.

2. Lightroom preset: B+W with blue filter.

3. Slight sharpening with Lightroom

Shot settings: Sigma 10-20mm, F8, 1/180 sec, iso 100 at 14mm from tripod


7 thoughts on “Full, Hanging, Tranquility….take your pick!

  1. Hey you know me, never one to criticize, I love the clarity and wonderful depth of field. I would like to make a suggestion though, if you could go back there about the same time of day as this, but take along a 40 foot ladder or doubledecker bus, to show the tracks leading off into the distance, it is the only improvement I can think of, oh yeah and boost the vividness of your colour a tad, say 98%.

  2. I love the way the tracks curve softly around the tree…it brings us right into the main subject! Love the black and white tones and the spot on clarity!

    1. Thanks, one of the many different ways to convert to B+W is to work with individual color channels. Lightroom has a preset for that conversion that utilizes the blue tone in the picture. I believe it’s purely a matter of taste so check it out for your self.

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