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My wife doesn’t understand….. but that’s not unusual. I have a propensity to wake up early, even on the weekends, when the rest of the world is sleeping. Now I’m not talking middle of the night early, usually  5:30- 6:00 am and after 7 hours of sleep I’m ready to go.

On this particular morning I had a 8:10 tee time for a round of golf and I again got up at 6:00 realizing this scene was on my route to the course and the sunrise might just coincide with my arrival. I’ve seen this shot many times before and was really excited to use my Siggy for an expansive view.  After looking at this shot several times I’m not sure if I like it taken with this perspective. I mean this lens (Sigma 10-20) is so wide even on my cropped Canon, everything looks so small. I don’t know, I do love the wideness but I guess I just have to get used to the fact that I have to get much closer to the scene or the main subject to have any visual impact. I guess the learning curve is  a little steeper than I thought.

BTW, after showing my wife my early morning shots I think she understands why I get up early…….. sometimes.


18 thoughts on “Seasonal…

  1. I think the real story is you sliced your TEE shot and spent the morning looking for your ball here. LOL

    Love the early morning for shooting, the color is soo rich. Great image Mike!!

  2. “Your Wife Ubderstands You” ??????
    What sort of a weird sicko are you. It was hard enough swallowing that you saw this as a prelude to the activity of,
    The ineffectual attempt by an
    inarticulate amateur to place
    an uncontrolable sphere in an
    inaccesible hole, using tools
    illadapted to the task 18 times,
    or a good walk ruined.
    Then you try to spin a yarn about you being under all sorts of illusions.
    That Dog won’t hunt!

  3. I like the way this lens enhances the wide open feeling of the space. I envy your propensity for early rising too. I also wake up early, just not early enough – usually about an hour after sunrise!

  4. Oh, I really like the distance thing you’ve got going on here! I think if the fence line hadn’t been in the picture it might not have worked as well for me, but the fence leads my eye back to the horizon quite nicely. And I like how after my eye takes in the sunrise, it goes back to the foreground, then looks OVER the fence to see the horizon and sunrise from a slightly different perspective. In fact, like it quite a bit!

    I recently bought the Tamron 10-24mm and I’ve noticed the same thing; there’s a steep learning curve for that lens!

  5. I wake up at 5 for a kickboxing class…maybe I should skip that and take pics if they turn out like this! Breathtakingly beautiful!

  6. I agree with rontuaru. The fence is what brings the picture together. The sunrise in the distance is sort of a “tease on the morning” scene. You took it at the exact right time. I love the colors.

  7. The composition of this photo is terrific, the way the fence stays in the foreground, yet leads us along. I like that you didn’t just take a pic of the sunrise, but of the whole scene leading to the sunrise. I suspect if you are unhappy with the photo is that you know what the “real” scene was… but my understanding is that sometimes you have to go along with surprising results of what you did capture.

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