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Having been built in the early 1830’s qualifies these row houses in Allaire State Park as weathered. These homes were built to house many of the senior and privileged workers of Howell Works, a bog furnace business owned by James Allaire.  Allaire picked this 330 acre site because of the presence of bog ore and envisioned a fully sustainable community based around this easily cultivated ore.

An interesting place to visit and the most convenient place to shoot a few with my new Sigma 10-20mm lens. This is a 6 shot hdr processed in photomatix and elements and finally finished in lightroom. In the next few weeks I’ll give a review of this well-liked lens.


9 thoughts on “Weathered…

  1. Gorgeous building Mike and along with the clouds, perfect for HDR. I can see the 10-22mm effect in the clouds. Really interesting history you provided and I sure do like that row of old housing.

    Looking forward to your review of the 10-22mm. I have that lens but not the full format camera to go with it.

    Your article on the Photo Walk got me out doing some HDR shots with that lens this week as well – but no clouds and no buildings so other than refreshing me I have no results to post. Waiting now for some cloud to move in…

  2. This is such a cool perspective…I love the clouds, the wonderful depth, and all of the repeating patterns going down the row…awesome composition, awesome processing! Looking forward to the reviews…I have been eying that lens!

  3. A very cool perspective, I love what the lens did to the clouds and how it feels like the row houses go on forever. Off to find out what the heck ‘bog ore’ is -Peat?

  4. Awesome composition and nice, light touch on the processing. I also look forward to your review of the Sigma 10-22. My next lens purchase will be a wide angle. Does it take a lot to get used to it?

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