A Good Morning…

Themed 365 Project

Someone said I should, so I did. Don’t know if it’s worthy but it does looks good on a black background. A single shot on a beautiful morning on the shores of the Atlantic. I decided to go back to Sandy Hook as the crowds have gone north and the weather is still beautiful. Managed to get 2, maybe 3 decent shots.

Shot settings: f5.6, .3 sec, iso 100 at 28mm


13 thoughts on “A Good Morning…

  1. Is it worthy, OMIG, it’s just so beautiful. This is the rocky shoreline that I would like to photograph, we just don’t have them here – we have big ugly hunks of rock and then deep water.

    I’d love this even without the spectacular sunrise. You do the work (get out of bed early) and you get the prize!

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