Themed 365 Project

There certainly are many of these chapels established in the City of Las Vegas. This one is relatively famous and I’m sure has hosted 1000’s of weddings. I wonder if any of my blog visitors have been here. Anyway, this chapel is within a few steps of the iconic Vegas sign in my last few posts and made for a perfect HDR, With such high contrast between the highlights and shadows bracketing is the only way to go.

This brings me to a question for all the Photomatix users out there…..I’ve viewed several videos about processing with photomatix lately and noticed that many use a workflow within photomatix in which they leave the smoothing slider with light mode unclicked. I’ve never done this and I’m wondering why not? What specifically does this do? I know I might be lazy but I’m looking for someone to explain this to me, isn’t this effect conter to the label(light mode?) Hope someone can help.

FYI, thanks to Julie for the recommendation of  light as magic site, now after viewing those videos, I’m again in the learning mode.

5 thoughts on “Clustered…

  1. WoW, you learning HDR, my mind can’t even come close to grasping the concept and this shot proves my point. – Gathering infomyes but oh so little to learn! Love this as per usual!

  2. Mike, I love the shot. Wouldn’t it be cool to have an opportunity to do a journalistic photoshoot inside?

    Glad to hear you like Light as Magic. I like to share a favorite link every now and then but never really know if they ‘click’ with anyone. It makes me very happy to know this one did with you. By the way, Justin would probably be happy to answer your question about the light mode setting in Photomatix. He’s gotten back to me anytime I’ve had a query for him. I keep mine set on ‘light mode’ but now that that you asked, I notice that unclicking it can give some nice results. I’d like to know more about what it is actually doing, so if you ever get more info, let me know?

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