Woman 2…

Themed 365 Project

There are quite a few clever thinking people out there with the lady luck answer. There’s also an interesting story behind the sign itself. This iconic sign was designed and gifted to the city of Las Vegas by graphic designer Betty Gillis in 1959.  Apparently Betty did not  file for any copyright for it’s design and has evidently never received single bit of compensation for it’s design. Just more evidence that Lady Luck is on the side of the house. And to boot, the last time we were there, the Dept of Tourism had staffed the site with a photographer who will snap pictures of you and your friends or family for “free”. Like many other places in Sin City I walked away with a lighter pocket.


7 thoughts on “Woman 2…

  1. Still keeping schtumm about your time as a Chorus Line Girl I see. This shot seems so washed out for a Boomer shot, I just have to believe this is one you paid for LOL

  2. Wow, they didn’t take our picture, you guys must just be lucky! 🙂 Interesting history behind the sign…didn’t know that!

  3. I love your processing on both the sign shots, the bleached feel is perfect. Coming late but lady luck was a easy guess. Now i have “luck be a lady tonight” stuck in my head.

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