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I feel like I’m in a photography funk right now. I haven’t been able to go shooting lately and my last 2 outings have only produced let’s say….uninspiring results. Take this shot for instance, I’ve been eyeing this structure at a local garden center for months, I finally get there, talk a little to Scot(an employee), get permission to take some shots and then can’t find the composition to due this building any justice. I see that there’s so much going on in and around the shed but can’t decide how to compose. I don’t know…I guess it’s photographers block.

So I need your help….I need a new or different mind-set on how to shoot this scene. Any little tidbit will do. If you were to shoot this building how would you go about it?

Thanks for your help on this and just a final thank you to all who visited the site for this shot, it generated over 11000 views here and over 1200 views on my flickr account.

Shot settings: 3 shot HDR with base image at f4, 1/350 sec, iso 100 at 17mm


25 thoughts on “Structure…

  1. Mike:
    Maybe pull back a bit to grab more sky? The clouds look interesting.

    I’m just setting up a site now and have a few pics loaded. I was up in NY a few weeks ago and found that a tripod is essential. Many of my shots looked good until I tonemapped; then they appear blurred and couldn’t sharpen.
    I find that what I like doesn’t mean everyone else will.

    I’m trying to decide whether to use Flickr rather than WP Galleries. I really get messed up there as I’m just using the .com site. I found that it takes a lot of time and diddling around!

  2. I love your photos. I like this one a lot, lots of color and it shows a lot of energy. You might zoom in on the lower left corner to include just the pumpkin, dog, squash and the colors of the pots. You could also zoom on the verticals shown on the left side with plants hanging, the different colored vertical posts and the lines of the windows. The other crop you might make is on the right side, with the post, pumpkins and then the trees and sky behind. I’m just an amateur who loves color, gardens and combinations of natural and manmade things. This is a cool picture as it is but there are more inside this one. Thanks.

  3. How about showing more of the pebble path? Pulling back a bit and showing the approach would give a sense of anticipation about arriving at the building instead of a static ‘I’m already there’ feeling. Also, the gray pebbles provide good contrast to the in-your-face colors….

  4. Open your Eyes – Get a Surprise;
    You took the shot – You pick the plot!
    Went looking for Structure, don’t take no stricture.
    I do love the COLOUR you’ve shown in this picture!

  5. I don’t really have any suggestions for you about how to shoot this particular image, but an idea that might help your funk. I took a class at the ‘santa fe workshops’ and our instructor had us walk around with a pen and pad, all we did was look and write down different ways we could shoot the subject(s), i was amazed at how much I saw when I put the camera out of my mind.
    Your images are great, just take a breath and keep on shooting. -Kim

  6. I love this…so many details and so much color! Another idea might be to follow Karen’s photo tip…focus on more details.

  7. I’m happy to just look at the all the detail in this photo… the colors are so much fun! And what a mix. The owner is an artist and I think you’ve done well to capture it. I’m satisfied with this view, but if you do go back, I’ll be curious to see what happens if you do as others recommend, such as 1) show more sky 2) show more path 3) show more details.

    I hope your funk is short-lived.

  8. I agree that the sky is interesting – the contrast between the gloomy clouds and bright structure.

    I also like that you only tried to capture part of it.

    I actually like this shot. For someone in a funk your eye is still great!

  9. Hi Mike, I understand how you might be feeling,I have felt that way lately. I have been working my real job a lot more hours and traveling and have so little time for pictures. I went to the Shenandoah National Forest and even to Luray Caverns and thought my pictures were really sad. Luray lighting was so poor inside and I did not take the tripod. My mistake, it costs $23 every time you go in there.

    Your shot is good, I like the HDR effect, and the colors stand out as very bright and interesting. I like the idea of including more sky, although if you go back, your sky would be different. I wonder what a blue sky might do, maybe too much.

    I am a big fan of the closeups, although understand you wanted the entire building. You might try from the door over to the flower boxes. It really does have a lot of character. Maybe something from the same position but from the other side across.

    I would certainly be attracted to this and would likely have take shots from all every side and angle (ask my family LOL) What about black and white, or with the infared effect on that sky?

    Hope that helps.

  10. For being in a funk this is one nice shot, maybe all the bright things have the same weight and confuse the eye or something… I like Julie’s idea of feeling like you are arriving by seeing more of the path.

  11. OMIG Mike, what a fabulous place to photograph – soooo interesting with all the colourful elements to look at. First off, you need to spend the day here, getting it from every angle and near and far!

    I like the diagonal angle you are approaching it from for this shot. My only thought was to move out a little wider and perhaps to the right, so that the pillar moves to the left and clears the doorway; without being straight on to the building tho. Not sure that’s even possible. Try landscape as well, to include that third pillar, maybe breaking the rules and taking just the porch area head on – as someone said, just keep taking them every which way.

    I wouldn’t worry about it being too busy – with all that colour it is a perfect HDR and makes a wonderful image to get lost in!

    I know what you mean about being in a funk as I sit in one myself… I don’t think you realize how wonderful this is already!!

  12. I don’t think it’s a bad shot as is, but I understand that you probably just weren’t able to capture it as you see it in your mind…

    I don’t know what the surrounding area looks like, but perhaps pulling way out and making the shack just a single point of interest in a broader landscape would be interesting.

    Or look for lines (such as the path, like Julie suggested) so suggest motion, so it’s not so static.

    I do love the colors and the eclectic assortment of items… lots of character here!

  13. Hi Robert,
    I’m just a beginner photographer and I mostly shoot what I like. So I can’t really help you out with this. But I like it the way it is. It’s very pretty with all the different colors. Have a great day!


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