Perspective 2…

Themed 365 Project

You may have remembered a few previous posts(last year) from the arboretum just down the street from my house. I hadn’t been back in awhile so I decided to make it a point to go back and take some shots…it didn’t disappoint. This time I was concentrating on taking shots from unique perspectives. This one was a must as the clouds started to gather towards the end of the shoot. I forgot to change my aperture and at 2.8 I just missed the focus point.

HDR from base shot of f2.8, 1/1500th sec and iso 100 at 22mm


10 thoughts on “Perspective 2…

  1. Absolutely gorgeous… I wouldn’t be looking for a point of focus in this type of shot (which I love). It feels delicate and wonderfully light.

    Thanks for the reminder to be watching the skies and taking advantage of them from this perspective.

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