Themed 365 Project

I was just reading a photoshop techniques magazine and in one lesson they stressed the importance of a dominant foreground element in landscape shots. I guess this represents that thought.

I tonemapped this from 3 exposures and then cropped, adjusted color temp, added 2 graduated filters for brightness, a few tone curve adjustments and some spot removal(my sensor is awfully dirty) and finally added a vignette.

Shot settings from base are f16, 1/45sec, iso 100 at 17mm

21 thoughts on “Foreground…

  1. The light on the kayaks is fabulous.

    How long is your lens? When I’m zoomed all the way out on my 18-270 mm, I get noticeable curvature on the sides. Your sides are so nice and vertical…

  2. Every time I think one of you images can’t be topped you doit again! I think you should make a book with all of these images in it and sell it! The colors are so vivid and warm in this…beautiful!

  3. I like the photo a lot Mike, that having been said, it reminds me of some of my over processed pseudo HDR attempts, and that isn’t a criticism, just wondering on the real colour of the kayaks, there is a luminesence there that is almost peeking out that gives it a feeling of unreality, Did you change their colour, mate?

    1. Ron, I thought you liked that…I did it for you…how ungrateful:) No that was from the very low angle of the sun….just after sunrise.

      1. Ungrateful, read my first sic words again! Can you see what I mean by the similarity though (Overall) The colour of the Kayaks etc must just be whatever makes American Males choose the shirts they do when they become tourists. LOL

  4. Wow! I love it! The light on those boats in the foreground is spectacular. Just the boats would have been nice, but making them the foreground for the landscape was brilliant. And, as usual, your HDR is superb.

  5. Wow- there is so much to love about this photo. Very well done! I am having so much fun looking at your blog- you’ve got some really great images.

  6. I really like this photo! Initially, I wished the heavy equipment wasn’t in the background. I thought it took something away from the tranquility of the foreground. But it’s not distracting enough to not like the picture overall! Great morning “glow” bouncing off the boats and sand! Nice work!

  7. Mike as I was scrolling down to read all the comments the picture scrolls away slowing only allowing the kayaks to take up the whole picture and I thought – crop that into a long thin perspective and make a panorama — what a great shot!

  8. One of your best. The image is perfect and has that wonderful effect of starting a story which is personal to the individual viewer. I had my kayaker daughter and my husband each look at it. Each had a different version of the story within the image with each version being personal to their experiences at sunrise, sunset, the shore, on the water…. Very very well done!

  9. Mike:

    I’m back! I just found these Manasquan shots and was fondly reminded of my going down to the same jetty with my father to go fishing back in the ’50s, where my parents stayed for the summer. Pompano Road maybe? Besides just being a neat set of photos, they reminded me of past times and people. The power of images!!!

    I also remember the donut shop but can’t remember the street.

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