Themed 365 Project

My brother couldn’t figure out why I was pointing the camera out the window (and taking pictures) of the shuttle while returning to the park entrance at Zion. He asked me if we were moving too fast to get any decent pictures. My response….. you never know! Well this one is not perfect but not bad for being taken out of that bus window moving at 25mph.

Remember, if your using a digital camera it doesn’t cost any more to experiment by taking more pictures of all kinds of shots, in all kinds of conditions. I may have taken 30 shots in that moving busbut managed to get 2-3 keepers. Not bad for you never know!

Shot with a Canon XTI at f3.5, 1/1000 sec, iso 100 and 17mm


9 thoughts on “Perspective…

  1. great catch and I totally agree – you never know. As I learned using a digital camera I do lots of photos on the same thing and then choose the best one for keeps. Takes a while afterwards but is mostly worth it and .. the moe photos you do with digital the cheaper each shot gets 😉 in terms of payback on the cameracost

  2. Mike, I do that all that time… that is take pictures within a moving vehicle. It’s amazing what you can capture. You are lucky that you had a bus with an open window, so no window reflections or dirty glass; the two biggest obstacles to this form of photography. Anyway, nice photo.

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