Friday Scavenger Hunt…

Themed 365 Project

For Fridays “scavenger hunt”, no I didn’t fly out (over the weekend) to Vegas to get this shot but I did hunt through my catalog to find something to post.  The City Center is a perfect spot to get shots of geometric shapes and lines.

Added a fancy, blurred sky and converted to B+W in Lightroom.

Shot settings: f5.6, 1/500th sec, iso 100 at 21mm


5 thoughts on “Friday Scavenger Hunt…

  1. Good to see you admit that your catalogue is almost the mess mine is, but shouldn’t your processing program be called ‘black and white’ room 3 as “Light” indicates colour (You know Rainbows etc)! I do like the image but think I would prefer the colour version, but hey what’s new? LOL

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