Themed 365 Project

Whenever I try to straighten the horizon it just doesn’t look right. I guess it just proves once again that the world is not flat. Let’s see what Ron has to say about that! I also tried to enlarge the sail boat on the horizon and that didn’t work either. Well I guess I’ll leave it as is.

Shot settings: HDR from 3 exposures with base at f5.6, 1/180 sec, 17mm and iso 100


9 thoughts on “Strange…

  1. That horizon looks fine just the way it is – it privides interesting perspective on a delightfully strange foreground. The HDR of that bright paint on the jumbled concrete is perfect.

  2. And here you had the perfect response to be so picky about your horizon. “Dude, chill.”

    I was researching Aperture presets this morning and came upon a rant against HDR. Obviously, he hasn’t seen your photos.

    1. Thanks Judi, people who are against HDR only see the real grungy shots and hate them. I try to keep my shots just on the edge of reality….always looking to have the viewer ask whether it’s a single exposure or not! I think I do it fairly well.

  3. HDR – Boomer, yep that always works! The horizon yesterday was straight, it happened to me last year and noone gave me a satisfying answer on the why for. I guess you either went an wrote that blue message for me on that piling, or didya Photoshop it, Notice I chilled out Dudes and Dudettes!

  4. These are great. The naysayers are taking the fantastic shots that you are, they are jealous of those that can.

    I think they look fine, but as a comparison I am finding with the combination of drawing/sketching and photography that our eye and our brain combination convince us that we are seeing something that we aren’t. There may be a slight curve in the clouds that is tricking the eye to think another part isn’t as straight as you think it should be.

    This is why photography is being better accepted as an art, it let the artistic viewer justify slight perceived imperfections.

    Well done artistically and photographically.

  5. I’m a fan of sunsets on their own, so the background had me loving this photo already. Yet, that “Dude, chill” in the foreground is just so organic and original that it makes this photo something extra special. Really cool. I like it.

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