Primary Colors…

Themed 365 Project

Anyone who visits the Manasquan Inlet knows of the natural beauty it presents, the beach, the surf, the vast ocean and certainly the sunrises and sunsets. Apparently there are a few people who believe that it’s not enough and they need to add their own artistic touch to this beautiful shoreline.

I think it’s true that some graffiti can be considered art and these artists should be recognized, but, it has a time and a……….. well………. I’ll let you decide.

6 thoughts on “Primary Colors…

  1. I love your lighting in this, you always excel in light, in 60 years though I have never seen grafitti that had merit to my eye, I have seen clever utterences, such as Edipus Rex – Ring Your Mother, and DC10s aren’t all they are cracked up to be and even once on a Condom Vending Machine “This is the worst tasting chewing gum I have ever eaten, but it lasts forever. But not Art. Rodin Is art, DaVinci is Art, Michaelangelo is art, all I have ever seen in grafitti is mindles scribble.

  2. The lighting you captured on this graffiti is magnificent…it really makes your primary colors glow! I am not usually a huge fan of graffiti, but in this light it shines!

  3. It’s hard to understand what makes people (or kids?) have to place their mark in such a beautiful natural setting. Somehow, with the light that you’ve captured here, it doesn’t seem have as upsetting.

  4. Great light! The forms and texture would be very interesting without the graffiti, not beautiful, but graphically interesting. While the color catches the eye and plays with the light, it is a bit distasteful when you realize it’s just vandalism.

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