Themed 365 Project

When I initially ventured into photography, like many other people I’m sure, I underestimated the importance of light and it’s effect on the subject. The more I read and the more I perused other accomplished photographers work I realized that the quality and location of light is more than likely the second most important aspect of any photo(the subject being first). This comparison (inspired, btw, by my daughters reaction to the second photo) shows how a simple adjustment to the location of light can transform an ordinary  subject into something much more dramatic.

So, during your next photo adventure think about your subject and it’s relationship with the main light source and you’ll see results that will be much more appealing to the eye.

Shot at f3.5, 1/60 sec, iso 400 and 50mm


7 thoughts on “Shadows….

  1. Yes but inspite of that wisdom, first off get the shot, I got a terrible shot of some ducks in the Worlwide Photowalk, but I got the shot before a kid scared the ducks, all cannot be controlled, and turn your colour gain up or you’ll only get B&W LOL

  2. Excellent examples of how light can change an image. The first thing I do before I head out the door to take photos is look at the sky and take a few moments to consider the light. I don’t usually even bother taking the camera if the sun is too high and strong. Early morning is my best time for shooting.

    It’s really weird – just before I opened your blog I was looking through my archives for a project and was looking at a series I did of a vintage Barbie doll. This shot that I posted on my blog reminds me of yours:

  3. Mike this is a great lesson. Both photos are so different that I had to look twice to make sure it is the same subject. I am impressed that you manage the first shot without any shadow… which I’m sure was your goal… and then look how dramatic adding a shadow is! It’s getting away with breaking a rule.

  4. This really shows the difference good lighting can make…funny how just moving around a bit can turn an ordinary picture into a masterpiece!

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